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Years of experience in manufacturing packaging equipment has made us realize that packaging equipment is not only to complete the packaging of products, protect them and ensure their quality, but more importantly, the packaging of products, just like people’s clothes, shows the personality of the products.

Therefore, today’s product packaging, in addition to the basic function of ensuring the quality of the product, as well as the convenience of carrying, is more important to show the characteristics and personality of the product, therefore, the product packaging is also increasingly personalized.

This requires packaging equipment manufacturers to meet the individual needs of customers because standardized packaging has been difficult to stand out in a wide range of goods.

Therefore, in addition to product innovation, each company’s R&D department is also working on packaging innovation. Once the outer packaging of the product is determined, then we have to face how to make the product packaging to achieve automation and improve production efficiency.

Shineben Machinery, which has been deeply involved in the field of packaging equipment automation for many years, has rich experience in customization and is also willing to cooperate with customers to solve their problems in packaging automation. Through customized design capabilities, as well as machine production and commissioning capabilities, we reach the customized needs of our customers.

For example, how to automate boxing the following two types of boxes?

Most manufacturers will have difficulty in providing effective solutions because of the special nature of the boxes and the high customization requirements.

However, Shineben Machinery, due to years of experience in customization, has solved the customer’s problem very well. The solution can be understood through the following video.

Therefore, we not only provide standard packaging equipment but more importantly, we understand the special nature of product packaging machines. Each company has its own packaging needs and personality. We will provide customized machine design and production to make the customer’s needs come true.

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