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We Build Machines To Protect, Transport And Help Sell Your Products In Today’s Dynamic Market Environment.

ShineBen is a packaging machine supplier, good at cartoners, HFFS machines, VFFS machines, fillers, labelers, capping machines, and conveyors.
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    The range and quality of our machines are what make us highly appreciated machine builders.

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    ShineBen designs and manufactures cost-effective and good-quality packaging machines for almost all major industries.


What Type of Machine Are You Looking For?HOT PRODUCTS

Wrap-around Labeler with Press Belt

Up to 200 products per minute.

Wrap-around Labeler with Press Belt is suitable for cylindrical products such as bottles, cans, jars, and so on.

Wrap around labeler HL219

Wrap around labeler HL219 is an automatic horizontal labeling machine.

Labeling speed: 100-200 pcs/min

Vertical Rotary Cartoner CMV60

Vertical rotary cartoner CMV60 is a fully automatic cartoning machine.

Speed can up to 50 cartons per minute.

Rotary Hot Melt Glue Labeler LMR08HM

The capacity of the rotary hot melt glue labeler is up to 30000 pcs per hour. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for cylindrical containers such as large round or square barrels in industries such as detergents, beverages, mineral water, food, etc.

HFFS Flatpack Packing Machine SBMHS-110

This is the smallest HFFS machine in the SBMHS series and makes, fills, and seals the smallest 3-side and 4-side sealed bags or Flatpacks, mold-cut shaped pouches, or flat spout pouches of premium quality and appearance.

Carton Flip Conveyor Line

Conveyor systems are mechanical assemblies that transport materials with minimal effort. The carton flip conveyor is capable of making cartons from flat to stand.

Cosmetic Plastic Tube Labeler SBM-STL60

The cosmetic plastic tube labeler utilizes a Yaskawa servo motor for precise control of the label application process. Labeling speed up to 50 pcs/min.

Horizontal Packing Machine SBMHD-240S

The SBMHD-240S  doypack horizontal packing machine makes, fills & seals Doypack, Doypack with zippers, larger Flatpacks, mold-cut shaped stand up pouches, and stand up spout pouches for liquids.

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