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We Build Machines To Protect, Transport And Help Sell Your Products In Today’s Dynamic Market Environment.

ShineBen is a packaging machine supplier, good at cartoners, HFFS machines, VFFS machines, fillers, labelers, capping machines, and conveyors.
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    The range and quality of our machines are what make us highly appreciated machine builders.

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    ShineBen designs and manufactures cost-effective and good-quality packaging machines for almost all major industries.


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Table Press Machine SBM-TP15E-19E

The pressure of the tablet press machine SBM-TP15E-19E can reach 120KN, the diameter of the tablet can reach 50mm, the output can reach 45600 tablets/hour, the filling depth can reach 50mm, and the thickness of the tablet can reach 25mm.

Corner wrap Labeler

Max. 150 pcs/min. Max. label size 150 x 130mm. Corner wrap Labeler is suitable for corner labeling for various carton box products.

Wrap around labeler HL219

Wrap around labeler HL219 is an automatic horizontal labeling machine.

Labeling speed: 100-200 pcs/min

Flat Product Labeling Machine SBM-TL620F

The flat product labeling machine is high-flyer in top labeling. Precise top labeling on all types of surfaces.

Automatic Tablet Press Machine TP25D-55D

The pressure of the automatic tablet press machine can reach 100KN, the diameter of the tablet press can reach 25mm, the output can reach 230,000 tablets/hour, and the thickness of tablets can reach 15mm.

Top Labeler SBM-TL620G

This top labeler model SBM-TL620G, equipped with vacuum gripper, is specially designed for labeling PE bags, plastic bags, stationery bags, fresh bags and other film products.

Semiautomatic Filling Machine SF999

A semiautomatic filling machine is used for dispensing liquids, powders, granules, or other materials. Semiautomatic filling machines find wide applications in industries such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Multilane Shaped Bag Packing Machine SBM-SP3-420

Multilane shaped bag packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid, viscous material, sauce, paste materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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