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We Build Machines To Protect, Transport And Help Sell Your Products In Today’s Dynamic Market Environment.

ShineBen is a packaging machine supplier, good at cartoners, HFFS machines, VFFS machines, fillers, labelers, capping machines, and conveyors.
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    The range and quality of our machines are what make us highly appreciated machine builders.

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    ShineBen designs and manufactures cost-effective and good-quality packaging machines for almost all major industries.


What Type of Machine Are You Looking For?HOT PRODUCTS

Hot Melt Glue Box Sealer SBM-BS50

The speed of the hot melt glue box sealer is 30 to 40 boxes per minute, generally, 5 to 10 times faster than the manual. Small footprint, compact construction, and easy operation.

Rotary Cup Fill Seal Machine

Rotary cup fill seal machine is suitable for the foods and beverage factory production needs.

Horizontal Cartoning Machine CMH-I100

Horizontal cartoning machine is a rugged, mechanical, side end load cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing end load at speed of up to 100 cartons per minute.

High Speed Tablet Press Machine 51D-99D

SBM-TP51D-99D tablet press machine has a turntable speed of 80R/min and an output of 950,000 tablets/hour, a tablet diameter of 25mm, and a finished tablet thickness of 8mm.

Triple Coffee Capsule Fill Seal Machine SBM-TRCF70-3

The Triple Coffee Capsule Fill Seal Machine is capable of filling and sealing at least 180 coffee capsules per minute. it is compatible with different types and sizes of coffee capsules, allowing for flexibility in production. It can handle various capsule formats, including Nespresso, K-Cup, Dolce Gusto, and more.

Top Load Case Packer SBM-TLCP600

With our Top Load Case Packer, you'll benefit from advanced technology that optimizes your packaging process, improves product presentation, and drives profitability.

Stand up Pouch Packing Machine SBMHD-280DS

The SBMHD-280DS stand up pouch packing machine is a duplex system, coupled with a twin timing hopper from a multihead weigher or twin dosing system, this machine can run up to 120 pouches per minute.

Carton Flip Conveyor Line

Conveyor systems are mechanical assemblies that transport materials with minimal effort. The carton flip conveyor is capable of making cartons from flat to stand.

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