Total Planning Solution: Transforming Vision into Reality

Total planning solutions

help rationalize and optimize all processes, from manufacture to packaging, and to cartoning.

The SBM works to promote its “total planning” solutions, which integrate all of the relevant processes for clients from manufacture to final shipment, and include such tasks as product production, conveying, weighing, filling, packaging, checking, accumulation, and cartoning.

Our System Solutions Division, a unit equipped with an engineering function, submits designs and proposals that allow rationalized and optimized packaging processes to be achieved from the viewpoint of overall optimization. This approach contributes to lower costs and shorter lead times at the production sites of our customers.

Total planning solutions
Total planning solutions
Horizontal form fill seal doypack packing machine

We select the best possible models from a broad lineup of automatic packaging machines and construct core systems.

SBM-CC130 cartoner

From weighing and packaging to cartoning and palletizing, we propose the most appropriate line with consideration to the product, capacity, and installation space.

We select and systemize the most appropriate equipment from products over a broad range of manufactures— not limited to original machines developed in- house.

Total planning solution for liquid detergent packing
Total planning solution for liquid detergent packing

In our comprehensive support system for our customers, we maintain close communication with our customers and cover everything from initial customer meetings over analysis, design, proposal, manufacture, installation, and test operation, to after-sales service via our one-stop service.

Our Total Planning Solution is your roadmap to packaging excellence

Shineben Machinery offers a comprehensive Total Planning Solution that transcends traditional packaging equipment. Our approach is holistic, encompassing every facet of your packaging journey to ensure a seamless and successful transformation. From ideation to implementation, our Total Planning Solution is your roadmap to packaging excellence.

Needs Assessment

We begin by understanding your unique packaging needs, challenges, and goals. This forms the foundation of a tailor-made solution that aligns with your vision.

Customized Design

Our team of experts crafts a customized machinery solution that optimizes your packaging process. The design integrates innovation, efficiency, and precision, ensuring it perfectly fits your requirements.

Process Optimization

Beyond machinery, we analyze and optimize your entire packaging process. This includes workflow, materials, manpower, and logistics, aiming for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Machinery Integration

We seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge machinery into your production line, enhancing your capabilities and streamlining your operations for enhanced productivity.

Training and Onboarding

Our comprehensive training equips your team with the skills to operate, maintain, and optimize the new machinery, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth transition.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end after installation. We provide continuous support, including technical assistance, maintenance, and software updates, to ensure your machinery performs at its best.

Performance Enhancement

We collaborate to fine-tune your processes, boosting efficiency, quality, and output. Our solutions adapt to evolving needs, enabling your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Future-Ready Vision

Our Total Planning Solution isn’t just about today; it’s about preparing you for the future. We help you embrace emerging technologies, sustainability practices, and industry trends.

With Shineben’s Total Planning Solution, your packaging transformation isn’t just a purchase – it’s a partnership. We’re invested in your success every step of the way, ensuring that your packaging process becomes a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and growth. Let us take your vision and turn it into reality with a comprehensive approach that sets you on the path to packaging excellence.

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