Packaging Machines

Vertical Rotary Cartoner CMV-R80

The vertical rotary cartoner is a vertical cartoning machine with hot melter.

Speed can up to 60 cartons per minute.

HFFS Flatpack Packing Machine SBMHS-110

This is the smallest HFFS machine in the SBMHS series and makes, fills, and seals the smallest 3-side and 4-side sealed bags or Flatpacks, mold-cut shaped pouches, or flat spout pouches of premium quality and appearance.

Automatic Case Sealer SBM-CS15

The reliable automatic case sealer is a heavy-duty solution for a wide range of case-sealing applications. Efficient, Economic, and Easy to adjust.Available in top and/or bottom-only models.

Triple Coffee Capsule Fill Seal Machine SBM-TRCF70-3

The Triple Coffee Capsule Fill Seal Machine is capable of filling and sealing at least 180 coffee capsules per minute. it is compatible with different types and sizes of coffee capsules, allowing for flexibility in production. It can handle various capsule formats, including Nespresso, K-Cup, Dolce Gusto, and more.

Flat Product Labeling Machine SBM-TL620F

The flat product labeling machine is high-flyer in top labeling. Precise top labeling on all types of surfaces.

Coffee Capsule K-cup Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine

SBM-RCF80 coffee capsule K-cup Nespresso filling sealing machine is the type of vertical rotary cup fill-seal machine, which is suitable for packaging a wide range of liquid, paste, granulated and powdered products into pre-formed containers of various sizes and shapes.

Gripping Case Packer Production Line SBM-GCP400FL

The advantages of a gripping case packer include precision and flexibility. It gently handles fragile and irregularly shaped products, reducing the risk of damage. It easily integrates with existing automated production lines, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Corner wrap Labeler

Max. 150 pcs/min. Max. label size 150 x 130mm. Corner wrap Labeler is suitable for corner labeling for various carton box products.

Aluminum Foil Saw Tooth Blade Binding Machine

The aluminum foil saw tooth blade binding machine is suitable for cling film industry, automatic production of tinplate saw blade binding and plastic saw blade gluing and laminating process.

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